Interactive and Automated Conjectures in Extremal Graph Theory

What is GraPHedron?

GraPHedron is a conjecture-making system designed to help researchers in (extremal) graph theory. GraPHedron is the contraction of the words Graph and Polyhedron because its main principle is to view graphs as points in a space of selected invariants, in order to derive extremal properties among these invariants. GraPHedron is detailed in this paper. A dozen of published papers contain results that where first conjectured with the help of GraPHedron.

Is GraPHedron still available online?

The old version (that was available via a web interface) is no more available. We are designing a completely new version with the intention to made it publicly available when stable.

If you want to be informed about it, please send an email to Hadrien Mélot