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     Algorithms Lab

Algorithms Lab


The Algorithms Lab was created in October 2010 and belongs to the Computer Science Department of the Faculty of Science (UMONS). The Lab carries both teaching activities (courses in Algorithms, Programmation, Artificial Intelligence, etc.) and research activities (mainly in the fields of Extremal Graph Theory and Computer Assisted Scientific Discovery). The Algorithms Lab belongs to two UMONS research institutes: InforTech (Research Institute for Information technology and Computer science) and Complexys (Research Institute for Complex Systems).

In August 2017, the Lab will organize the Computers in Scientific Discovery 8 conference.


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Master theses and projects

2017-2018 2016-2017 2015-2016 2014-2015 2013-2014 2012-2013 2011-2012 2010-2011 Master theses directed by H. Mélot before the creation of the Algorithms Lab


Prof. Hadrien Mélot
Algorithms Lab
Département d'Informatique
Faculté des Sciences.

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