Research Seminar on Software Evolution

Krzysztof Czarnecki

Krzysztof Czarnecki is Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo and NSERC/Bank of Nova Scotia Industrial Research Chair in Requirements Engineering of Service-oriented Software Systems. He received the MS degree in Computer Science from California State University, Sacramento, and his PhD in Computer Science from Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany. Before coming to University of Waterloo in 2003, he worked eight years at DaimlerChrysler Research, Germany, focusing improving software development practices and technologies in enterprise and embedded software. He is a co-author of the book "Generative Programming" (Addison- Wesley, 2000). He received the Premier's Research Excellence Award in 2004 and the British Computing Society in Upper Canada Award for Outstanding Contributions to IT Industry in 2008. He is the Principal Investigator of a $9.3 million project on "Model-Based Software Service Engineering", which was recently funded by the Province of Ontario (2008-2013). His current work focuses on creating model-based approaches to software development that work in industrial settings.

Model Mappings and Synchronization: From Theory to Practice

Abstract of talk. Model-driven engineering often requires many overlapping models of a system, each supporting a particular kind of stakeholder or task. Mappings are specifications of the overlaps, and tools can use them to provide consistency checking and synchronization. This talk uses examples from industrial practice to illustrate the challenges of designing mappings and synchronization tools. Next, it presents ongoing effort to create both a theoretical framework addressing these challenges and tools based on the framework. Finally, it closes with a view on the challenges ahead.

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