SOS - Evol 2012

Seminar on Open Source Evolution

SOS Evol 2012 is an informal international meeting gathering researchers interested in studying the evolution of libre and open source software.

The meeting is planned to start at 14.00 and the talks are intended to be 20 minutes long. The tentative presentation schedule is as follows:

This seminar is partially supported by the Expert Center in Engineering and Quality of Systems (CEIQS) financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and Wallonia.

To get directions, you can search the Brussels Transport Network (STIB) page, or the Belgian railway page. You can get to SOS-Evol 2012:

  • by Tram, lines 7 and 25, stop VUB.
  • by train, Etterbeek station (see for the time schedule)
  • by Metro, either Metro Delta (10 minutes walk) or Metro Petillon (10-15 minutes walk) (see

For acommodation. You can check hotel "Les Ecrins". This hotel is situated in the center of Brussels, close to the Sint-Kathelijne/Sainte-Catherine Square. Hotel staff speak Dutch, French and English; single rooms cost 85 euro per night.

Software Languages Lab
Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Université de Mons
LibreSoft Group
MoVES PAI project