SOS-Evol 2012

SOS - Evol 2012 : Seminar on Open Source Evolution

Luis Cañas Díaz

Luis Cañas-Díaz holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from University Rey Juan Carlos of Spain (Madrid). Currently he works researching about software quality and evolution in LibreSoft. During the last two years he worked in the deployment of collaborative environments (such us OSOR and Morfeo) and regular maintenance tasks over several platforms which are based in Libre (FLOSS) Software.

A use case of source code cloning detection between two software projects with FLOSS tools

Abstract of talk. Source code cloning is being more and more common since the number of FLOSS applications is growing up in the last decades. That cloned source code is legal when the owner of the source code copyright allows it, and when the conditions imposed by such license are not incompatible with the license of the destination project. The main target of the study was to detect for the projects gisEIEL and gvSIG-EIEL: i) the amount of cloned source code between them and ii) possible legal issues with the intellectual property.


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