SOS-Evol 2012

SOS - Evol 2012 : Seminar on Open Source Evolution

Bogdan Vasilescu

Bogdan Vasilescu is a PhD student in the Software Engineering and Technology (SET) research group of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Geographical movement of mailing list participants

Abstract of talk.s Large-scale software projects are developed by a large group of individuals. Open-source software (OSS) projects are usually developed by individuals all across the world. Do developers move to another country and continue work on the OSS project? Do they work on the OSS project in their spare time while on a holiday or business trip? Do developers from an OSS project show a certain pattern of geographical movement?

We have conducted a preliminary study in which we track the location of the mailing list participants in the GNOME Display Manager mailing list. This talk explores our approach and findings.


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