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Il y a un projet à réaliser. Deux examens écrits seront organisés: le premier concerne les TP assurés par M. Buys, le deuxième A CAHIER FERME concerne la théorie. Si le projet est suffisant, la pondération est (cours: 14, TP: 4, projet: 2).

Références du cours

Examens antérieurs

Interpreter for the SPJRUD Algebra

Excellent tool developed by alumnus Sergio Mazzoleni. Here is a screenshot.
The tool is online available as a web application. Alternatively, the tool can be downloaded and installed locally.

Web Application

Local Installation


The following example illustrates the syntax.
@let Likes = @relation[Drinker,Beer]
{<Sergio, Orval>
 <Sergio, Chimay>
 <Sergio, La Trappe>
 <Jef, Orval>
 <Jef, Chimay>
 <Jef, Duvel>
 <Jan, Duvel>
 <Jan, Orval>}

@let Trappists = @relation[Trappist, Country]
{<Orval, Belgium>
 <Chimay, Belgium>
 <La Trappe, Netherlands>}

% Who likes all belgian trappists in the Trappists table ?

@let Crossproduct =    (@project {Drinker} Likes) 
                       (@rename {Trappist:Beer} 
                             (@select {Country="Belgium"} Trappists)))

@let NotLikesAll = @project {Drinker} (Crossproduct @minus Likes)

@let LikesAll = @project {Drinker} Likes @minus NotLikesAll

@print LikesAll

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