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     Romain Absil


I'm a FRIA research fellow at the Computer Science Insitute of Science Faculty of the University of Mons (UMons). I'm currently making a Ph. D. thesis under Hadrien Mélot direction, at the Computer Algorithms Lab.


My research field is based on graph theory, more particularly the directed model. I'm currently working on the price of symmetrisation problem involving the average distance (cf. Phd thesis).


Absil R and Mélot H., Digenes: genetic algorithms to discover conjectures about directed and undirected graphs. Discrete Applied Mathematics. Submitted on May 2013. arXiv:1304.7993.

Absil R and Mélot H., On price of symmetrisation. Discrete Applied Mathematics. Submitted on November 2013. arXiv:1310.2775.

Main collaborations

Ph. D. thesis

There are nowadays many discovery systems assisting researchers on their works on undirected graphs. However, there exist no such system for directed graphs. This is mainly due to the fact that "undirected systems" use enumeration, which is unapplicable in the directed case (directed graphs are too numerous).

My thesis brings thus two types of contributions :

More particularly, I'm interested in the price of symmetrisation. Intuitively, given a graph invariant I, we search for the maximal difference between the value of I measured on a directed graph and its value valeur measured on the symmetric version of the graph (equivalent to the undirected model). We can provide a similar definition with a quotient operation.


I am currently assuming the following exercice sessions :


I collaborated with Gilles Caporossi during Autumn 2009 to create a prototype of AutoGraphiX (AGX) taking charge of directed graphs. However, this prototype have never been released.

I developped Digenes, an automated system helping discovery using a genetic algorithm metaheuristic. More particularly, Digenes deals with both directed and undirected graphs, and allows to :


Romain Absil

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