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     Dany Maslowski


Graduated in Mathematics at the University of Mons (UMONS), I started a thesis at the Computer Science departement of the faculty of Sciences in the the Theorical Computer Science team managed by the professor V. Bruyère.

As an assistant at the University, I practise a teaching activity mainly consistuated by exercise sessions and practical work in the algorithmic field. The courses are open to all college years.

The theme of my research is located within the "Consistent Query Answering" which consists of extracting consistent information from inconsistent databases.


Courses in French

Séances d'exercices et travaux pratiques pour les cours suivants :

Des notes de cours sont disponibles sur la plateforme e-learning.


I realize my thesis under the joint management of the Professors V. Bruyère and J. Wijsen .

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Dany Maslowski

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