Seventh International Conference on Scalable Uncertainty Management (SUM 2013)
Washington DC Area, USA, September 16-18, 2013

Accepted Papers (in no particular order)

Anthony Hunter. Analysis of dialogical argumentation via finite state machines
Tsan-Sheng Hsu, Churn-Jung Liau and Da-Wei Wang. Privacy-Preserving Social Network Publication Based on Positional Indiscernibility
Madalina Croitoru and Srdjan Vesic. What Can Argumentation Do for Inconsistent Ontology Query Answering?
Pierre Bisquert, Claudette Cayrol, Florence Dupin de Saint-Cyr and Marie-Christine Lagasquie. Enforcement in Argumentation is a kind of Update
Batya Kenig, Avigdor Gal and Ofer Strichman. A New Class of Lineage Expressions over Probabilistic Databases computable in P-time
Xun Wang, Benjamin Quost, Jean-Daniel Chazot and Jérôme Antoni. Localization in the Sound Sources Model with Uncertainty Using EM and Evidential EM Algorithm
Jianbing Ma, Weiru Liu, Paul Miller and Fabin Campbell-West. An Improvement of Subject Reacquisition by Reasoning and Revision
Phokion Kolaitis and Francesca Spezzano. The Semantics of Aggregate Queries in Data Exchange Revisited
Philippe Besnard, Eric Grégoire and Badran Raddaoui. A Conditional Logic-Based Argumentation Framework
Sebastian Link. Approximate Reasoning about Generalized Conditional Independence with Certain Random Variables
Milan Daniel. A Revision of Plausibility Conflict of Belief Functions and Related Approaches
Anthony Hunter. Modelling Uncertainty in Persuasion
Teresa Alsinet, Ramón Béjar, Lluis Godo and Francesc Guitart. On the implementation of a multiple outputs algorithm for defeasible argumentation (short paper)
Teresa Alsinet, David Barroso, Ramón Béjar, Félix Bou, Marco Cerami and Francesc Esteva. On the implementation of a fuzzy DL solver over infinite-valued product logic with SMT solvers (short paper)
Leila Amgoud and Philippe Besnard. A formal characterization of the outcomes of rule-based argumentation systems
Gosta Grahne, Adrian Onet and Nihat Tartal. PossDB: An Uncertainty Database Management System (short paper)
Jann Müller, Anthony Hunter and Philip Taylor. Bimodal Graphs for Meta-Argumentation with Argument Schemes
Pilar Pozos-Parra, Kevin McAreavey and Weiru Liu. On the Merit of Selecting Different Belief Merging Operators
Salem Benferhat and Zied Bouraoui. Possibilistic DL-Lite
Didier Dubois, Emiliano Lorini and Henri Prade. Bipolar possibility theory as a basis for a logic of desires and beliefs
John Grant, Cristian Molinaro and Francesco Parisi. Aggregate Count Queries in Probabilistic Spatio-Temporal Databases
Thomas Lukasiewicz, Maria Vanina Martinez, Gerardo Simari and Oana Tifrea-Marciuska. Group Preferences for Query Answering in Datalog+/- Ontologies
Bettina Fazzinga, Sergio Flesca and Francesco Parisi. Efficiently Estimating the Probability of Extensions in Abstract Argumentation
Farid Nouioua. AFs with Necessities : Further Semantics and Labelling Characterization
Leila Amgoud and Jonathan Bennaim. Ranking-based semantics for argumentation frameworks
Walter Powell, Robin Hanson, Kathryn Laskey and Charles Twardy. Combinatorial Prediction Markets: An Experimental Study
Tommaso Di Noia and Thomas Lukasiewicz. Reasoning with semantic-enabled qualitative preferences
Mathieu Serrurier and Henri Prade. A scalable learning algorithm for kernel probabilistic classifier
Richard Booth, Souhila Kaci, Tjitze Rienstra and Leendert Van Der Torre. A Logical Theory about Dynamics in Abstract Argumentation