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Franqui Chair inaugural lecture by Brendan McKay (Australian National University), about the "Bible codes", on June 4th 2019 (UGENT) followed by a seminar at UMONS on June 18th 2019.


Recurring events

The déjeuners informatiques: research-related presentations

Les jeudis du libre: a series of thematic presentations related to free and open source software.

In 2019

June 4th: Francqui Chair (UGENT-UMONS) : Inaugural lecture - UGENT
June 18th: UMONS seminar
March 14th-15th: GAMENET

In 2017

October 16th-18th: TIME 2017
August 23rd-26th: Computers in Scientific Discovery 8 (CSD8)
March 23rd-24th: Journées Math-Sciences
March 21st-26th: The Printemps des Sciences

In 2016

October 28th: DBDBD 2016
September 7th-9th: Highlights of Logic, Games and Automata
March 17th-18th: Journées Math-Sciences

In 2013

April 18th : Francqui Chair (Logic and Automata: Fundamentals and Perspectives) :Inaugural lecture
April 26th : Monadic Theories
May 3rd : Games

In 2011

15 september: Jeudi du libre: How to valorize free and open source software in companies.
31 march: Journée Math-Sciences
28 march - 3 april: The Printemps des Sciences
16 and 22 march: Agile Campus Tour 2011, by Marc Lainez. Agile development, a different way to develop software.
26 january: EvolUMons 2011

In 2010

6 july: Inauguration of the Numediart institute
24 march: The semi-finals of the Olympiades Informatiques at UMONS
22-28 march: The Printemps des Sciences
25 march: Journée Math-Sciences

In 2009

22-23 january:

In 2008

27-30 august: Mons Theoretical Computer Science Days
25-26 august: Automata and Verification Workshop
8-9 may: Grid@Mons 2008
25 february: Evol@Mons 2008