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     Quentin Hautem


I am a FRIA research fellow at the Computer Science Institute of the Science Faculty of University of Mons (UMONS). I am currently a PhD student under the supervision of Véronique Bruyère, Jean-François Raskin and Mickael Randour.

Before starting my PhD thesis in October 2014, I obtained my Master's degree in Mathematics in the Département de Mathématiques of the University of Mons.


My research lies between the Verification of reactive systems and Game Theory. More precisely, I focus on multidimensional quantitative games played by two antagonist players.


  • On the Complexity of Heterogeneous Multidimensional Quantitative Games. Véronique Bruyère, Quentin Hautem, Jean-François Raskin. CONCUR 2016, LIPICS 59, pages 11:1--11:15, Schloss Dagstuhl, 2016. Full paper on arXiv
  • Window parity games: an alternative approach toward parity games with time bounds. Véronique Bruyère, Quentin Hautem, Mickael Randour. GandALF'16, in EPTCS, 2016. Extended version on arXiv (25 pages).
  • Talks

    1. On the complexity of heterogeneous multidimensional quantitative games. Slides
      • Highlights Of Logic, Games and Automata - Prague. September 2015
      • 6th Meeting of CASSTING, Cachan. October 2015
      • MFV Seminar, ULB, Belgium. December 2015
      • Summer School MOVEP2016, Genova, Italy. June and July 2016
      • The 27th International Conference on Concurrency Theory (CONCUR2016), Québec, Canada. August 2016
    2. Printemps des Sciences - 2016
      • 180 secondes ma thèse, Frameries, Belgique. Mars 2016
      • Workshop (co-organized with Olivier Delgrange and David Hauweele) on the DNA sequencing, given at PASS, Frameries, Belgium. March 2016
    3. Séminaire Jeunes, Mons, Belgique. February 2016 (Slides, see below)
    4. Window parity games: an alternative approach toward parity games with time bounds. Slides
      • Workshop CASSTING, ETAPS 2016, Eindhoven. April 2016
      • Highlights Of Logic, Games and Automata - Brussels. September 2016
      • The 7th International Symposium on Games, Automata, Logis, and Formal Verification (GandALF2016), Catania, Italy. September 2016
      • Centre Fédéré en Vérification - Brussels, Belgium. May 2017
    5. Printemps des Sciences 2017:
      • Journée Math-Sciences: Workshop "Jouer n'est pas qu'un jeu" (slides: see Mickael Randour's website) given at UMONS with Pierre Carlier and Marion Hallet, Mons, Belgium. March 2017
      • Week-end Printemps des Sciences, Lotto Mons Expo: Workshop (co-organized with Véronique Bruyère, Hadrien Mélot and Gauvain Devillez) on graphs in social networks, Mons, Belgium. March 2017


    1. Member of the organization team for Highlights 2016 in Brussels.

    Young Seminar

    Since the academic year 2015-2016, I am organizing the Young Seminar. It consists in vulgarized presentations of the field research of young researchers of Mathematics and Computer Science Departements. The list of presentations and slides are below.

    Year 2015-2016

    Year 2016-2017

    Year 2017-2018