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    David Hauweele


I am a FRIA research fellow at the Computer Science Institute of Science Faculty of the University of Mons (UMons). I am currently pursuing a PhD under the supervision of Bruno Quoitin at the Computer Networking Lab.


My main research interests are in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN). More specifically my research focuses on the generation of portable, modular and energy-efficient implementations of network protocol stacks for use in embedded systems. My second research interests are in Internet routing, especially on the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). In that area I worked on identifying the origin of duplicated update messages and provided techniques to mitigate them.

PhD thesis

The specification and implementation of network protocols are difficult tasks. To ease those tasks, network protocols are often abstracted as a stack of simpler protocol layers, each of them being responsible for specific aspects of the communication. However this approach has proven cumbersome and for performance reasons is often circumvented in real applications.

This is particularly the case for WSN nodes which are typically implemented on low power microcontrollers with limited processing capabilities. Also the context in which those nodes are used poses additional contraints:

The main objective of my PhD thesis is to study how the network stack can be made more modular while keeping the ability to minimize energy consumption and allowing its integration on an embedded platform. In order to reach this objective, we plan to build a higher-level model of the network stack from which customized and optimized implementations can be derived.


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