Visual Paradigm provides University of Mons with VP-UML, SDE-EC, BPVA for use in educational purposes, offered by the VP Academic Partner Program.

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Construction of a giant 3D fractal during the Printemps des Sciences 2007.

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I am a full professor at the Institut d'Informatique of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Mons (UMons) in Belgium. I am director of the Software Engineering Lab, and I teach courses in Software Engineering, Software Modeling, Software Evolution, Declarative Programming.


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Research EvolUMons

My main research interests are in formal foundations and automated tool support for software engineering, with a particular focus on the following themes:


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Contact Address

The Pentagon of UMONS Prof. Tom Mens
Software Engineering Lab
Institute of Computing Science, Faculty of Sciences
University of Mons - UMons
Building "Pentagone", Room 2E12
Avenue du Champ de Mars, 6
7000 Mons, Belgique
Tel: +32 65 37 3453
Fax: +32 65 37 3459

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Map of Mons
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