Accepted Papers

  • Antoine Amarilli, Mouhamadou Lamine Ba, Daniel Deutch and Pierre Senellart.
    Possible and Certain Answers for Queries over Order-Incomplete Data.
  • Jonathan Behaegel, Jean-Paul Comet and Maxime Folschette.
    Constraint Identification Using Modified Hoare Logic on Hybrid Models of Gene Networks.
  • Laura Bozzelli, Aniello Murano, Giuseppe Perelli and Loredana Sorrentino.
    Hierarchical Cost-Parity Games.
  • Thomas Brihaye, Gilles Geeraerts, Hsi-Ming Ho and Benjamin Monmege.
    Timed-automata-based verification of MITL over signals.
  • Massimo Cairo and Romeo Rizzi.
    Dynamic Controllability Made Simple.
  • Massimo Cairo, Carlo Combi, Carlo Comin, Luke Hunsberger, Roberto Posenato, Romeo Rizzi and Matteo Zavatteri.
    Incorporating Decision Nodes into Conditional Simple Temporal Networks.
  • Massimo Cairo, Luke Hunsberger, Roberto Posenato and Romeo Rizzi.
    A Streamlined Model of Conditional Simple Temporal Networks.
  • Dario Della Monica, David de Frutos-Escrig, Angelo Montanari, Aniello Murano and Guido Sciavicco.
    Evaluation of Temporal Datasets via Interval Temporal Logic Model Checking.
  • Mathias Etcheverry and Dina Wonsever.
    Time Expressions Recognition with Word Vectors and Neural Networks.
  • Gilles Geeraerts, Eythan Levy and Frédéric Pluquet.
    Models and Algorithms for Chronology.
  • Valentin Goranko, Antti Kuusisto and Raine Rönnholm.
    CTL with finitely bounded semantics.
  • Fabio Grandi, Federica Mandreoli, Riccardo Martoglia and Wilma Penzo.
    A Relational Algebra for Streaming Tables Living in a Temporal Database World.
  • Michael Gruninger and Zhuojun Li.
    The Time Ontology of Allen's Interval Algebra.
  • Daniel Kernberger and Martin Lange.
    The Fully Hybrid μ-Calculus.
  • Marie Kiermeier and Martin Werner.
    Similarity Search for Spatial Trajectories Using Online Lower Bounding DTW and Presorting Strategies.
  • Michael Sioutis, Anastasia Paparrizou and Jean-François Condotta.
    Collective Singleton-based Local Consistency for Qualitative Constraint Networks.
  • Etienne Thuillier, Laurent Moalic and Alexandre Caminada.
    Dynamic Purpose Decomposition of Mobility Flows Based on Geographical Data.
  • Panagiotis Vasilikos, Flemming Nielson and Hanne Riis Nielson.
    Time Dependent Policy-Based Access Control.
  • Przemysław Andrzej Wałęga.
    On Expressiveness of Halpern-Shoham Logic and its Horn Fragments.
  • Matteo Zavatteri.
    Conditional Simple Temporal Networks with Uncertainty and Decisions.