Networking Lab

IGen (July 2004-2011)

IGen is a network topology generator based on network design heuristics such as MENTOR, MENTour, Delaunay triangulation and Two Trees. It is freely available here. Igen is written in Perl/Tk. The IGen source code is now available from sourceforge.

C-BGP (October 2003-2011)

C-BGP is a BGP routing solver. it's main purpose is the computation of the steady-state of BGP routing in large-scale topologies. C-BGP is written in C and it is freely available here. The C-BGP source code is now available sourceforge.

SPINNET (January 2009)

SPINNET is a graphical front-end for C-BGP. SPINNET allows to visualize C-BGP network models and access all the C-BGP model parameters. SPINNET also makes easier the construction of a real networks model by providing a large number of equipment data parsers. SPINNET interacts with C-BGP instances through C-BGP's Java Native Interface. A more complete description of SPINNET can be obtained here.

libGDS (October 2003-2011)

libGDS is a library of Generic Data Structures. It contains most of the generic data structures required by C-BGP. It is now also re-used in other projects. libGDS is written in C and is freely available here. The libGDS source code is now available from sourceforge.

libbuspirate (January 2010-2011)

The Bus Pirate is an electronic device that allows to easily interface with I2C and SPI devices. It is very useful for prototyping and debugging. We use it to tinker with IEEE802.15.4 transceivers (such as Microchip's MRF24J40) and other radio transceivers (such as Texas Instruments' CC2500). The complete source code is available from sourceforge.

py-bipartite (June 2011)

A Random Bipartite Graph Generator prototype available on Google Code. This prototype was written in the framework of a collaboration with M. Latapy (LIP6), F. Tarissan (LIP6), P. Merindol (UStrasbourg), J.-J. Pansiot (UStrasbourg) and B. Donnet (UCLouvain).